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Committed to the principle that inclusive customer service matters.

Inspire and change attitudes

Helping clients understand access barriers in their customer journey

Research and understand

We have a unique panel of over 500 disabled people


About RUS

Really Useful Solutions work for a portfolio of corporate brands that includes banks, supermarkets, retailers and telecommunications companies. We help clients understand how accessible they are to disabled and older customers.

Through our 3 step journey we:


Undertake research to help clients understanding their current situation.


Once barriers have been identified we help deliver authentic strategies for inclusive customer service.


And the we work to measure the impact of those strategies.

Our panel

Our trump card is our panel of 500 disabled and older people who provide fantastic insights into their experiences through a range of research methods:

More about the panel

Meet Our Team

Kay Allen OBE

Chief of stuff

A career that spans B&Q, BSkyB and Royal Mail Group, Kay has a wealth of experience in designing and implementing award winning strategies for large corporates.

She served as a Commissioner on the DRC and again on the EHRC and as a NED on the DWPs Pension and Disability & Carers Service. Consistently working at Board level, Kay understands the need to have a clear vision and effective campaign to bring about real change in an organisation’s culture.

Mary-Anne Rankin

Head of consumer research

Through her focus on the disabled and older customer experience, Mary-Anne has become a specialist in the inclusive customer journey.

She provides a range of services that ensure that no customers are excluded by barriers or exclusive design.

She is trusted to deliver commercially sensitive user testing of customer service equipment, such as self-service terminals, and new products, and consumer research through a professional panel of some 500 disabled and older people.

Robert Wemyss

Technical lead

Digital by default might be a mainstream Government strategy but so few companies really offer accessible websites that are mobile enabled.

Robert has specialised in understanding the usability and accessibility of websites. He can offer an analysis of your own platform, advice and guidance on how best to meet the needs of your on-line customers.

Stephen Berendt


Stephen is our really useful data guy and film maker. Stephen manages our panel of 500+ disabled and older people and also our online surveys. He loves spreadsheets (we know .. it's sad) and provides the detail for our research reports.

He also our cameraman and editor, recording on video, elements of our qualitative research and editing the material into powerful and insightful videos for our clients who love them.

What do you really want to know about your reputation with disabled and older customers?

60 Million people live
and work in Briton
11.9 Million of those people
have a long-term illness,
imparement or disability
80 Billion pounds is the
estimated spending
power of this group
15 % of the total spending
power in the UK.

We make sure our clients don’t miss out on the loyalty of disabled customers.

Is you web site accessible? Are your shops and stores easy to navigate?

Are your staff confident to help disabled customers?

Are your communication campaigns inclusive?

Our Services


Mystery shopping

We’ll get panel members mystery shopping your multi channel customer service channels, and those of your competitors so that you can identify barriers and weaknesses, and benchmark your performance against your competition.

Internal audit

We’ll have informal chats with your colleagues whose roles touch upon the customer journey, to identify any strategic gaps in how they are anticipating and meeting the needs of your disabled customers.

Accompanied shops

We’ll accompany, and film, carefully selected panel members as they shop in your store, or use your websites, to capture the issues they face as disabled or older customers.

User testing

We’ll involve appropriate panel members in user testing your existing products, customer service equipment, websites etc. And we’ll facilitate and film user testing of different design iterations during the developmental stage, in order that you get it right for when they go live.

Online surveys

We will design with you, an online/telephone survey to gain valuable insights. Each question will include a score and a free text box in order to capture both quant and qual feedback.

Focus groups

They may be a bit ‘old hat’ but they can’t be beaten for doing deep dives into disabled customer issues.


Ergonomic design consultancy

We have an ergonomist who specialises in inclusive design, who can help to ensure that your products and customer service devices can be used by all your customers e.g. self-service devices, counters and check-outs, PIN pads.

Web accessibility and digital inclusion consultancy

Our director of all things web related will work with your coders and developers to achieve and maintain your website so that it is accessible to all.

Bespoke training and inspirational events

We will develop for you, disability or inclusive design awareness training programmes and videos to ensure that your colleagues are well informed in order to become disability confident and competent. We can organise inspirational events to deliver

Communication campaigns

We will work with your external coms team to ensure that your marketing messages reaches different consumer groups and your reasonable adjustment strategies are promote to those who will benefit.

Stakeholder engagement

We will use our experience to involve disabled and older consumers in the development and assessment of your policies and procedures designed to improve inclusion for these customers.


Our Work

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We work for a portfolio of corporate brands that includes banks, supermarkets, retailers and telecommunications companies